7 Quick Ways To Increase Breast Milk Supply---In 48 Hours

7 Quick Ways To Increase Breast Milk Supply-In 48 Hours

7 Quick Ways To Increase Breast Milk Supply-In 48 Hours

7 Quick Ways To Increase Breast Milk Supply-In 48 Hours

7 Quick Ways To Increase Breast Milk Supply-In 48 Hours

Motherhood is a beautiful journey filled with highs and dips.

One of those dips could be a sudden dip in your breast milk supply but not to worry. A lot of mothers go through this as well.

After a lot of trials, experiments, and research, we’ve put together a solid article on 7 quick and effective ways to boost your breast milk supply—fast.

Whether you’ve been battling with a low milk supply or you’re experiencing a sudden dip in milk supply, all of these methods are very effective and would help you bridge your breastfeeding goals in no time.

Enough of the talk, right?

Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Nurse And Pump More Frequently

7 Quick Ways To Increase Breast Milk Supply---In 48 Hours

When it comes to optimal breast milk production, this is the number one factor. 

The secret sauce to this is breastfeeding as often as you possibly can. 

When it comes to boosting your milk supply quickly, frequency is more important than how long you nurse.

Don’t get me wrong, nursing or pumping for longer plays its own role, but how frequently you nurse is the bigger player here.

Breast milk gets digested in about 2 hours. It’s not too frequent to nurse your baby every 2 hours. That way, your baby gets more nutrients and food and you also help your body produce more milk.

Pumping can be done after each breastfeeding session for increased stimulation.

Maximize Peak Prolactin Periods

Prolactin is the milk-making hormone in nursing mothers. After delivery, prolactin levels in the body go up. This sends a message to the lactating glands in the mother’s breast to produce more breast milk.

While this helps stimulate milk-making initially, it can not sustain breast milk production over time. Frequent nursing and pumping is what keeps prolactin levels stimulated and milk supply sufficient.

Although prolactin is released mostly as a response to nursing or pumping, it also follows a natural secretion schedule as it peaks between midnight and 6 am.

During these peak periods, you can pump for longer, stimulate prolactin levels better and produce more breast milk overall.

A good habit is to incorporate 2-3 feeding or pumping sessions between nighttime and early mornings.

Ensure Your Child Latches On Properly

Ensuring your baby latches properly would not only help your baby feed better but stimulate more milk production in the breasts.

The secret to a proper latch is ensuring that your baby’s mouth covers your areola and not just the nipple.

If your baby doesn’t latch on correctly, they wouldn’t get enough milk out and that would affect overall milk production as well.

Use Breast Massages While Nursing Or Pumping


Breast massages are a quick way to get more milk out of the body for the baby.

Studies show that practicing breast massage while breastfeeding and pumping help increase milk output by up to 48%.

Breast massages serve 2 purposes;

  • To help get more milk out of your nursing or pumping session.
  • To help empty the breast so you can increase supply overall (when you empty your breast more often, it stimulates the release of the prolactin hormone).

Carrying out a breast massage is simple and involved 5 simple steps:

  • Ensure your hands are warm. Applying little heat during massages helps to increase blood circulation. This can be done by using a heated towel to warm up your hands.
  • Next, you’ll need a lubricant to make your massage fluid and smooth. A few drops of olive oil or coconut oil will do just fine.
  • For the massaging proper, start from your armpits down to the areola by moving your fingertips or flat hands in short circular motions towards your areola. 

For your areola area, use just your fingertips to massage.

  • Apply gentle pressure and don’t press too hard. If you don’t feel any pain, that is an indicator that you are doing great.
  • If you start feeling a spread of warmth around your breast, that shows that blood circulation has increased.


The goal of switch-nursing is to empty both breasts during a nursing session.

While the baby is nursing, the mother simply alternates her feeding from one breast to the other.

Nursing While Pumping

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This is pretty self-explanatory. Remember, the goal is to get more milk out of both breasts at once to increase the overall milk supply. 

While the baby latches on and feeds from one breast, use your pump to drain the other breast simultaneously.

Breastfeeding Supplements To Boost Supply

Breastfeeding supplements are foods rich in minerals and vitamins that help boost milk supply in nursing mothers in the right proportions.

They produce quick results and you can expect to see results in 24 to 48 hours.

When combined with the 6 procedures above, they can create a quick surge in your milk supply.

Little wonder mothers all over the world are singing the praises of breastmilk supplements like lactation cookies, breastfeeding granola, and the rest.

Where To Get Breast Milk Supplements In Canada

A trusted and testimony-birthing breast milk supplement brand here in Canada is The Milkbooster.

If you’re having difficulty meeting your baby’s breast milk demand, then you can make your order for MilkBooster Breastfeeding supplements anywhere in Canada.

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