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easy lactation cookie recipe
Most frequent questions and answers

Aside the delicious awesomeness a bite gives you, The Milk Booster lactation cookies are healthy, chewy, delicious, and packed with nutrition necessary for the development of your baby. These are specially made out of love with ingredients that can help increase the quantity and quality of your breast milk.

No, they don’t contain actual breastmilk. Rather they contain lactogenic ingredients that help increase breastmilk supply.

Milk booster Lactation cookie comes in variety of flavor for that yummy goodness, which includes Oatmeal Coconut, Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal Cranberry Almond, Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate, Oatmeal Chocolate Chips and customised flavors.

You don’t necessarily have to pump ma’am if you are sure that your baby is actively sucking for up to 10 times on each breast daily. However, if you have very low supply, we recommend you add a few pumping sessions daily

Yes, you can give your toddlers as from age 2.

Yes, anybody can take the products including adults and children

No. All our products are non-fattening

All the products work effectively, however, we recommend you try all the products at first to help determine your preference and the ones that works best with your body.

We recommend you start at 36 weeks of pregnancy or 4 weeks before due date

You can increase your milk supply with our products at any time while you are still breastfeeding. Even if your baby is over a year, as long as you are still stimulating your breast and ready to continue giving your baby breast milk

Yes, our cookies are moist and soft

All our products are made of Oats, wheat, coconut oil, honey, dried fruits and natural seeds

No, we do not use fenugreek in any of our product

Please use at least 2 products daily.

The cookies is to be taken 3 pieces daily in no particular order.

The granola can be taken 4table spoon twice daily (that’s 8 tablespoons per day) and can be eaten alone or added to yogurt, cereal, milk, pap or oatmeal .

The smoothie mix is 2 table spoon twice daily (that’s 4 tablespoons per day) and can be added to fruit/vegetable smoothie or oatmeal, goldenmorn, pap, soup, cereal or yogurt or sprinkle some in tea or milk.

The cocoa mix is 2table spoon twice daily (that’s 4 tablespoons per day) and can be used to take tea or pap. You can also add milk, sugar, honey etc. as you please

You can take it with any water temperature that pleases you

No. Except you consider too much breast milk as a side effect

Yes, definitely. Get the products and follow all instructions that will be given

The full package which contains one of each products can last for about 2 weeks

Your baby’s weight is dependent on genetics and how much nutrients your baby is getting. We can guarantee that your baby will get the right amount of breast milk only.

Yes, you can but you might not be able to take the right dosage of cookies because they contain little quantity of brown sugar

We recommend you start taking the products from 36th week of pregnancy up until your supply has been maintained and you are sure you don’t need the products anymore. Then, you can slowly discontinue use before stopping totally

Sales on all lactation products are non-refundable. For health and safety issues, we do not accept returned products, and delivery is not covered by insurance.