How Exactly Do Lactation Cookies Work?

How Exactly Do Lactation Cookies Work?

How exactly do lactation cookies work?

Lactation cookies have been around for a while now and breastfeeding mothers all over the world are singing its praises.

While there’s no argument whether lactation cookies work or not, a lot of breastfeeding mothers are still curious about the science behind lactation cookies. 

If you happen to be one of them, then sit back and let’s enlighten you on how this miracle product does its magic.

First off,

What Are Lactation Cookies?

Lactation cookies are special cookies made with ingredients rich in galactagogues, vitamins, minerals, fibres, and proteins combined in the right proportion to help boost breastmilk supply in lactating mothers.

They serve as a fast and convenient diet supplement for mothers who want to either boost or sustain their breastmilk supply.

The science behind lactation cookies is that they contain active ingredients that stimulate increased breast milk production and help the body release more breastmilk.

To understand more on how lactation cookies work, we’ll expound on their major ingredients and explain how they affect and enhance breast milk supply.

The Major Ingredients Contained In Lactation Cookies

While there are different recipes with varying ingredients for lactation cookies, we’ll be discussing the most active and most consistent ones.


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Oats increase breast milk supply in two ways. The first is from the high level of iron and Beta-glucan fibre it contains. 

Iron is a super ingredient for stimulating more production of breastmilk by the body. Beta-glucan is an active fibre that increases the levels of prolactin hormone—this is the hormone responsible for breast milk production in the woman’s body.

The second way is that this powerhouse food contains specific ingredients that lower stress levels in lactating mothers. High levels of stress have shown to lower breastmilk supply in lactating mothers.

These two important benefits of oatmeal make it a very effective lactation cookie ingredient.

Brewer’s yeast

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Our second most employed ingredient in lactation cookies is the “Brewer’s yeast”. I have yet to come across a lactation cookie recipe that doesn’t contain “Brewer’s yeast”.

You cannot afford to substitute this with any other yeast. This is a powerhouse on its own. It contains several b vitamins, protein, iron, amino acids, chromium and other vital minerals. All of which play effective roles in helping lactating mothers produce more milk.

They also serve as energy boosts to reduce fatigue and have a brightening effect on your mood. Stress is an underlying cause of low breastmilk supply. This makes energy-rich foods like brewer’s yeast a vital ingredient in lactation cookies.


Flaxseed is also a common ingredient in lactation cookies. It contains estrogen-like properties that stimulate increased breast milk supply in lactating mothers.

Flax seeds are rich in fibre and proteins. It is also rich in omega-3-fatty acids, a vital mineral that promotes brain development in infants.


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Eating garlic after delivery is one important way to improve your breastmilk supply but having it incorporated into delicious, healthy, lactation cookie bites is a better way.

Garlic helps breast milk supply in 2 different ways as well.

For one, it is very rich in galactagogues, which as we’ve learnt, tells the body to produce more breast milk in nursing mothers.

Secondly, studies have shown that infants drank more milk when their mothers consumed garlic. Babies seem to respond positively to garlicky taste and odour in breast milk. Garlic consumed by nursing mothers penetrates their breast milk and gets to tint the taste and odour.

When infants consume more milk and get breastfed for longer, this action, in turn, produces more breast milk in lactating mothers.

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Lactation Cookies Supply Much Needed Protein and Calories.

Consuming enough proteins and calories is very vital for nursing mothers.

It is said that lactating mothers require an extra 25grammes of protein. This is because their body requires more protein to produce breast milk, as well as the baby for nourishment and growth.

Also, extra calorie intake is needed to produce breast milk optimally in nursing mothers. 

It is very common for nursing mothers to complain of getting hungry after just a few hours. This is the body’s way of saying more energy is needed.

Nursing mothers are expected to consume an excess of 300-500 calories daily above what is needed to maintain the mother’s weight. Not markedly high but still a lot of difference.

Lactation cookies contain healthy and natural ingredients that supply these nutritional requirements in significant amounts.

Little wonder nursing mothers all of the world swear by this miracle product. Click here, to see the testimonies of grateful mothers all over the world.

In Conclusion

While lactation cookies are a great and convenient way to boost milk supply, they are only effective when combined with other healthy breastfeeding practices like:

1]  Consuming sufficient intake of water.

2]  Pumping and nursing regularly as demand increases supply in nursing mothers.

3] And maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

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