Meal Plan

BreastFeeding Meal Plan

It is essential for every breastfeeding mum to eat the right meals that will nourish her baby/ies and as well help increase her milk supply. Breastfeeding mothers burn about 200 to 500 calories a day just from breastfeeding. To produce 1 ounce/ 29ml of breastmilk you burn 20cal. So the more milk the more calories you burn, who wouldn’t want that. My low milk supply became a thing of the past when I started eating breastfeeding meals in addition to the milk booster goodies.
So here is my 10 days Breastfeeding Meal Plan. You can move them around to suit you.

Meal Plan 1
Meal Plan 2

Hope this was helpful,
You are doing a great job Mama. Breastfeeding is worth it. Lots of Love.
Dr Chinny.